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Handy Talki which is starting to sink like the development of the times, it can still be used for other purposes. residents around the slopes of Merapi, particularly the village elders, already familiarwith this communication tool. they were using the HTgunaberkomunikasi with residents in anticipation of Mount Merapi lava floods of the rainy season in the region due toMerapi. but not only that, sebuag newly discovered method of thisHT. This turns the traditional communication tools can detect theactivity of Mount Merapi. applied was applied by the Merapiekspeditor who recently undertook an expedition to the area of ​​Merapi. Their usual HT mouseover to communicate it turns outthey use to detect the activity of Merapi, Merapi is secure orenhance its activity. using HT, they could be helped if a time of increased activity.

HT was able to read signals from seismograph which is used to determine the activity of Merapi. signal is captured by the HT andthen will cause noise or sounds are like Morse code. This became the benchmark sound of the citizens and ekspeditor in detecting the activity of Merapi. HT when the sound is only “tiiittiiit .. .. .. tiiit” uniformly, then the activity of Mount Merapi markedsafe. but if the HT sounds irregular and constantly like “tiiittiiiiiiiiiiiiit … … .. tiiit tiiit tiiiiiiiiiit … ..” it is a sign that Merapi begantheir activities.

turned out this way enough to help people around Mount Merapito alert anticipating any time if Merapi activity. but from theagency responsible for the activities of Mount Merapi stated that the residents still have to coordinate with it in order to obtainaccurate information.

Posted October 29, 2011 by Heryan Ardhi Kusuma in Kumpulan Ilmu dan Informasi

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